Can you see it, George?

The writing on the wall that is.

So many improprieties, so many deaths, so many failures, so many hard questions being asked.

Someone's going to have to take the fall for the corporate master, George.

  • whose popularity is already in the tank.
  • without the ablility to articulate a plausible public defense.
  • whose demise would be the perfect three ring diversion for a nation paying far too much attention to the state of their "democracy" these days.
  • who understands there is no code of honor among theives.
  • who has graciously implicated himself as "The Decider".
  • who is entirely expendable.

In other words George, someone who has become too much of a liability to the master who created him.

Someone like you.

Perhaps you're thinking "they won't turn on me".

You say you are a man of God, then maybe you have heard that part about reaping what you sow.

When they toss you to the lions and or Democrats, you could just come clean and at least that would be something we could work with.

Just a thought.


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