Is Tony Snow the Max Headroom of the right?

Is Tony Snow an artificial intelligence agent, created in Fox Corp labs to spread the message of the right? Has Karl Rove's mind been downloaded for presentaion by a prettier face?
Here are just a few quotes to think about:

On Israeli attacks:
"We think it's important that, in doing that, they try to limit as much as possible the so-called collateral damage, not only on civilians but also on human lives," Snow said.

So-called collateral damage...?
Are civilians not humans, or have I missed something here?

The war in Iraq:
"It's a number." --White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, on the U.S. military death toll in Iraq reaching the 2,500 milestone

It is also a son, a daughter, a mother, a father, asshole.

On marriage:
Even though divorce rates remain revoltingly high, the institution of marriage maintains a unique place in the American heart.

Revolting...Americans do love revolting.

On Voting Rights:
Frankly, I don't want ignoramuses showing up en masse to vote on propositions that could raise my taxes, restrict my freedom, or make life more miserable for my family.

With Dibold electronic voting machines you can fix that problem now.

On Healthcare:
In many cases, a bout with sickness stretches your soul, opens your eyes, and introduces you to a world of unimagined grandeur, possibility and joy.

AIDS, a world of un-imagined grandeur, possibility and joy.

On Politics:
Many people don't give a rip about politics and know as much about public affairs as they know about the topography of Pluto.

Rip this, Tony.

On Social Security:
The real sin with Social Security is that it's a long-term rip-off and a short-term scam.

A scam! Does that mean I can keep the thousands of dollars I have been giving the government out of my paycheck?

For those of you who are not sure who the Max Headroom Character is and never saw this show, a litle background:

Set "twenty minutes in the future," Max Headroom depicted a society of harsh class inequalities where predators roam the street looking for unsuspecting citizens who can be sold for parts to black-market "body banks." Max inhabits a world ruled by Zic-Zac and other powerful corporations locked in a ruthless competition for consumer dollars and television rating points. In the opening episode, Network 22 dominates the airwaves through its use of blipverts, which compress thirty seconds of commercial information into three seconds. Blipverts can cause neural overstimulation and (more rarely) spontaneous combustion in more sedate viewers. Other episodes centered around the high crime of zipping (interrupting a network signal) and neurostim (a cheap burger pak give-away which hypnotizes people into irrational acts of consumption). We encounter blanks, a subversive underground of have-nots, who have somehow dodged incorporation into the massive databanks kept on individual citizens.
At the core of this dizzying and colorful world was Edison Carter, an idealistic Network 24 reporter who takes his portable minicam into the streets and the boardrooms to expose corruption and consumer-exploitation which, in most episodes, led him back to the front offices of his own network. Edison's path is guided by Theora Jones, his computer operator, whose hacker skills allow him to stay one step ahead of the security systems--at least most of the time--and Bryce Lynch, the amoral boy wonder and computer wizard. He is aided in his adventures by Blank Reg, the punked-out head of a pirate television operation, BigTime Television. Edison's alter-ego, Max Headroom, is a cybernetic imprint of the reporter's memories and personality who comes to "live" within computers, television programs and other electronic environments. There he becomes noted for his sputtering speech style, his disrespect for authority, and his penchant for profound nonsequiters.


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