Israel Bombs UN Post While Talking to Them

Israel launched 20 strikes, four direct hits on the UN position while Speaking to them on the phone. It is kind of hard to argue that they didn't know who they were shelling. This compound has only been there for 50 odd years, it is clearly marked and the victims are on the phone with Israeli officials begging them to stop. They said they would. But they didn't. They said they would open a route for rescuers. They didn't. The shelling continued even as rescuers tried to save the victims.

The US blocked a statement by the UN Security Council because it contained the phrase
"any deliberate attack against U.N. personnel."

UN Secretary Kofi Annan had this to say about the attack:

“The shelling of the U.N. position which was long established and clearly marked started early in the morning and went on till after seven p.m. when we lost contact. Our general and the troops, the people on the ground were in touch with the Israeli army, tried warning them, 'please be careful, we have positions here, don't harm our people'. And many calls went out until this happened. You can imagine the anguish of the soldiers and the men and women, unarmed military observers who were down there in the service of peace.”

Is this what Bush means by Israels right to defend itself?
Join the call for a cease fire now Mr. Bush.


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