Peace In Our Time? It's a simple matter of choice.

Is this the beginning or the end of us?
Actually it’s both.

Theories abound about the probable futures the Human species will choose at this point in our collective experience. The choices are, in their individual details, infinitely incalculable. However, when choices similar enough in nature attract and form more well defined groupings we begin to see that collective future materialize. It's a simple, yet profound universal truth.

This is the wondrous power of the Human Being. This is the power to create any future that can be conceived. Most of us Humans have yet to reach a state of complete being but we are all involved at some level in the business becoming one. For some of us the fear of admitting our un-becoming roles in co-creating the once probable future we are experiencing right now is more than we can acknowledge. We may not have committed the act but did we seriously object to the torture? We may say we didn't know, but did we make an effort to seek the truth? We say it's a shame, but did we take even one risk to stop it? Some have and we see them villified and condemned.
Sound familiar?

Many of the worlds “Great Religions” are based squarely on the premise that we are basically powerless and must beg an always greater master for benevolence in the face our unworthiness. These same “Great Religions” have become the manifestations (one of any number of differnt present realities we might have chosen) where universal truths would be interpreted, framed and utilized in such a way as to bring about a mass reality of perpetual fear and conflict with little or no knowledge of the gift of our own infinite power to change our experience. This arrangement has also conveniently served as an excuse for not taking our responsibility as the creators of our own reality, we always have someone or something else to blame for the mess we make of our world.

Human Beings possess many remarkable gifts, one of which is the ability to actually alter the past as well as the future from the present moment. I realize that to many that statement will not seem plausible. To those I would offer this example in acheiving that remarkable feat.

When we seek to forgive and actually achieve it, ones entire perception of the past begins to transform and rearrange; hidden meanings and profound truths are revealed. While the Human is gifted with many awesome powers to create a peaceful existance, there is none greater than the power unleashed through our ability to forgive. For it is only through forgiveness of ourselves and our "enemy" that we shatter the illusion of victimization and acknowledge that our own individual and collective choices were also represented, no matter how justified they may have appeared to be, in the horrors that beseech us now. We can step back from the brink of destruction and see the common ground on which to build a peaceful world.

If we wish to achieve peace, forgiveness is a fundamental mechanism we must employ in this grand experiment of combining the consciousness of creation, that is the Human Soul, with the consciouness of the earth. Some may argue that peace here on earth is not the point any longer. That we are simply not capable of achieving that lofty goal, we should instead, participate in, profit from and support the destruction of this experiment in physicality. Doggedly fulfilling the old prophecy instead of simply choosing a new one.

Those who would invoke God as thier justification for war tell us the rapture is coming, and at the rate we are killing ourselves and the earth, it certainly seems a day of reckoning must surely come, but for whom does the bell toll, warmaker?

The bell tolls for thee.

Peace to all Souls.

This post is dedicated to:
Amnesty International
And all those who dare to speak for the voiceless.


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