Snarling Dick Says.....

Keep a lid on that dissention boy or you and I will be taking a little quail hunting trip, if you know what I mean!
Red Hog Diary

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
I keep seeing pictures of Dick Cheney Snarling like a rabid wolf and I can't help but wonder what thoughts could generate such a hate filled glare?

Could it be:
If you ask me one more question about torture I will cut your balls off... myself.
I sure don't think it has anything to do with peace, love and understanding.

You decide.

Thought we could have a little contest today to see what words this picture inspires for Peace Tree Readers.

Leave your comments and I will pick the ones I like best and put them right here on the main post with a link to your blog or website. Leave your URL in the comment!

Wingnuts are welcome too! I will have a special section for the most vicious attack!

Snarling Dick says........?


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