Sunday Poetry: Scattered Souls

Greetings All,

The selection this week comes from Tina Louise. Tina is the newest member of The Peace Tree Poets Society and I am thrilled to have her on board. Her work, as you will see, is direct and impactful. Please let us know what you think about her work and visit her homepage via the link at he bottom of this post to read all her excellant work.

Tina also has a great campaign going to promote peace called Arms Against War. People who oppose war all over the world can show thier solidarity by wearing a white armband of any kind (one example shown at top of post). Visit her Arms Against War site via the link at the end of this post to get involved.
Thanks Tina for being a part of The Peace Tree.
And now....

Scattered Souls

Souls scattered all over Iraq
Pieces of coalition forces that won’t come back
The wounded, the able
All missing bits
Returning without the requisite
Part of themselves that once was warm
Afraid of the dark when the memories come
The sound of a child
No longer a delight
Triggers images of another gun fight
When women and children begged for their lives
But commanding officers want sacrifice
Called them insurgents
Insisted their guilt
Insisted more Iraqi blood was spilt
Onto the desert where freedom would flourish
Onto the sands along with the rubbish
We leave behind so much when we go
Chaos, mayhem and sorrow
Dead babies that clung onto life
Broken mothers, once loving wives
Men who fought for their families
Men just like those in our armies
…and the souls of our soldiers who did our bidding
in an oil rich land, ripe for the picking.

Tina Louise

A/N: for veterans of Haditha and Fallujah


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