Been Think'n Bout Those Democrats

The collection of comments and e-mails I have received over the short life of my blog were all rolling around in my head today. To be honest, there are really just a handful, say, 25 or so. So, as I was looking at all the opinions and for a brief moment, it slowed down enough for me to really notice some of those words really intrigued me.

One of those items was from a gent from Kentucky who felt that I was being a bit too harsh by calling the twelve democrats that voted away 700 odd years of legal and moral precedence by caving in to election imagery and grandiose dreams of saving their own asses in Nov Cowards. He made the point that perhaps they were choosing their battles in order to fight another day vs. risking looking soft on terror…not really soft, but right now just might not be the best time to appear that way. Now, I admit that I can understand that motivation, live to fight another day…do it all the time. So, I should be able to relate to that, right?

You know what? That is exactly right. I should be able to relate to that experience, and normally I do, except in this case I just simply can’t.

Something about that statement just didn’t seem to add up. Something was different here…this is not me or the average Joe/Jane like me, just trying to do what you love and love what you do. Taking care of myself and doing as much as possible for others when I can. The answer to the puzzle, for me, came out in my reply to my friend in Kentucky.

These 12 Senators are much like me and my neighbors. Those folks I tend to be able to relate to easily when they find themselves faced with giving some ground in order to advance another day. There is one difference that, in this case, provoked me to speak as plainly as I know how in response to their actions.

These Senators literally hold in their hands the fate of us all. I think that most Americans would agree that a significant portion of the next fight they face will probably be fought on their own behalf. The desperate level one must sink to in this case speaks volumes to just how badly they wish to maintain their current condition. What they have given away without a fight affects each and every American. I am gravely concerned, given the level of corruption and criminality that spews forth from Washington these days. Have you ever, in your whole life, ever seen a time such as this?

Asking me to believe these 12 folks have given away a sizable chunk of dangerous precedence with this vote because they wish to fight another day on my account is a bit of a stretch.

Narrower minds might say “wait, you’re getting all worked up and it does not even apply to YOU Or Citizens, well, ok, not all Citizens, but real American Citizens, those that were actually born here, well not actually everyone born here, hopefully they will get this law passed that immigrants who have children here illegally won’t be counted as Citizens”.

And there the real battle lies, between the ideologies that never shall meet. I use to think there were only two basic sides, good and evil. Each of course believing they are good and not evil. Each refusing to see they were, both good and evil. Seeing that truth alone would materialize a common ground upon which peace making is possible.

Righteousness can be a very dangerous thing when it blinds you.

So I thought about it. Was I too harsh in calling them cowards? I meant no malice towards them as my neighbors or Senators, but this is my country, they are the elected representatives of the people, and it is their solemn duty, in our stead, to uphold the constitution of The United States of America. They utterly have failed to do so, along with the republican majority. I don’t find that easy to ignore or appropriate for warm and fuzzy terminology.

Yes, I feel perfectly at peace when I state to them, that their act was an example of extreme cowardice and fear. I also consider it treason. This is that serious. I am under no illusion anymore just who it is they fear so very much for. My friend asked me if I would be willing to say that to their face. Absolutely. Even better, perhaps we could talk about how good it would feel to make amends, forgive and move forward, together.

The NYT put it this way

"Most liberal politicians dove under their desks for fear of seeming soft on terror. Not a peep out of Senator Hillary Clinton. Nothing but a wimpish waffle from the Majority Leader, Tom Daschle; and from Joe Lieberman, of all people, came an initial exhortation to try-'em-and-fry-'em that out-Ashcrofted Ashcroft."

Peace to All Souls

And yes, even theirs. Most especially theirs.


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