Sunday Poetry Series: Just Truth

Our selection this week comes from Peace Tree Poets Society member, Tina Louise.
Thank you Tina for the insight and beauty you bring with your words.

Tina Louise on Just Truth:
Every once in a while I read something that is so obviously truth that the lies of everything else become more obvious and I wonder how I was ever fooled so easily.

And now......

Just Truth

You and I are not the good
The bad or the undecided fool.
Swayed by life’s ebbs and flows
Each of us knows only the truths we can see,
But none is beyond the grace of immortality.
Forever gives us all the chances,
To have those second glances,
At the mirages
Masquerading as truth,
That we have trusted since our youth.
Those greying institutions,
Baying restitution,
Holy vows,
Holy cows,
Sacred texts,
Manipulated, vexed,
Completely out of con-text.
But the truth,
Disrobing slowly,
Seductively teasing,
Easing gently,
From darkened gown,
False crowns fall.
As truth unclothes herself
From heavy garments,
Gaudy enhancements,
Plastic wrapped
Clinging film of lies,
Dying now.
No longer preserved,
Best before long gone.
Use by expired,
All the words now tired.
Curled yellow parchment,
Of men’s falsehoods,
Shrivelling shrinking decomposing,
As all-kind feed,
Suckle at the open spaces,
Where truth seeps
At slower paces.
And all as one,
Will once
Again be,
Visible for all to see.
Not guarded buried eternally,
Truth was just resting beneath the folds,
Slumbering sweetly,
Covered nearly completely by fresh lie-falls,
That rained down,
Coated the truth beneath safe ground.
Now awoken with a start,
Truth imparts her wisdom,
Infectiously transmits her reasons,
Infests fresh in spring’s rebirth season,
Alights the dark,
Rewrites remarks,
Re-scents reclaims replenishes.
Our saviour,
Succulent manifestation of creator,
Morsel of the flavour,
Of the universe.
She is the power supply that cannot fail,
The wind that lifts the veil,
The beauty none can ignore,
The shining heart of our galactic core.
No blindfolded,
Weight conscious,
Waif like woman,
Dispensing laws,
More much more.
The wide eyed,
All seeing,
Of us,
The truth of us…..

Please visit Tina Louise at her home site to enjoy her entire collection of work.
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