On Election Day

Greetings All.

Election Day.

I am idealistically hopeful because I refuse to give that up.

If I give that to the powers at war around me then they have defeated me.

I will not be defeated.

I will also not fail to see the reality we find ourselves in.

This is what “Give me liberty or give me death” means to me.

It means I will not surrender to anyone else’s opinion of how I should conduct my life, express my liberty and pursue my happiness.

Not the religious right.

Not to any terrorist of any variety.

Not to fear.

Tomorrow we shall see just how far we are willing to be pushed.

Before we break.

Until tomorrow it is all about hope.

May we not wait to find ourselves fully awakened behind impenetrable bars, bars of steel forged in ideology that we cannot accept, weeping for our lost freedom with nothing but our regret to keep us company.

Bless all those who have worked so hard for the dream of America.

May we forgive those who spend fortunes seeking power for powers sake and for personal enrichment.

May we love and care for those who have been inside the horror that is war and the particular sorrow that is war of aggression instead of defense.

Peace Y’all


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