P***E On Earth

The Loma Linda Homeowners Association has apologized to homeowner for threatening fines over a peace wreath she hung outside her home in Pagosa Springs Co. calling it a misunderstanding.

They could have taken some time to think about this before they threatened to fine her but I guess one shoots first and asks questions later when a serious attack on the neighborhood rules against any outdoor expression deemed divisive may be in the offing.

Look...it's a symbol of Satanism!

No…it’s a blatant statement against the war in Iraq!

Worse than that even, its a peacenik terrorist sympathizer!!!!!!

That’s nice that they apologized…after the extremist overreaction...too bad they didn’t think about how ridiculous and ugly their behavior was before it went out on the AP wire for all to see.

Maybe they learned something from having that ugliness exposed. I sure hope so.

Colorado Subdivision OKs Christmas Wreath

DENVER - A subdivision has withdrawn its threat of $25 daily fines against a homeowner who put a Christmas wreath shaped like a peace sign on the front of her home.

In this undated photo provided by Lisa Jensen, a wreath is seen in Pagosa Springs, Colo. Pagosa Springs Colorado homeowners are battling over whether a Christmas wreath that includes a peace sign is an anti-Iraq war protest or even a promotion of Satan.

Homeowner Lisa Jensen told The Associated Press on Monday that the board of directors of the Loma Linda Homeowners Association had apologized, called the incident a misunderstanding and had withdrawn its request for the wreath's removal.

Jensen was ordered to take the wreath down when some residents in her 200-home subdivision saw it as a protest of the Iraq war. Bob Kearns, president of the board, also said some saw it as a symbol of Satan.

The homeowners' association demanded Jensen remove the wreath from her house, saying it doesn't allow flags or signs that are considered divisive.

None of the three members of the board in the scenic town 270 miles southwest of Denver was available for comment late Monday. Kearns and colleague Jeff Heitz both had their phone numbers changed to unlisted numbers Monday. Tammy Spezze, the third board member, did not return a call seeking comment.

Jensen, a past association president, said she was overwhelmed with hundreds of calls of support and offers to help her pay the $1,000 fine that would be due if she kept the wreath up until after Christmas.

"We would like to thank everyone who has contacted us with moral support and offers of financial support. We are grateful to hundreds of complete strangers who felt so moved by this story they contacted us," she said.

"It seems whenever someone tries to say 'Peace on Earth' it is met with so much resistance," she said. "The incredible amount of support we have received over the last couple of days really is proof to us of how many people believe in peace and in our right to say it."


It seems that way because it is that way.

Peace on Earth...even unto the Pagosa Springs Peace Wreath Police.

Peace y'all


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