Sunday Poetry Series: Shroud of Untrue

The selection this week comes from Peace Tree Poets Society member Tina Louise.

and now...

Shroud Of Untrue

I need a voice to believe.
A choice to relieve,
The confusion and countenance,
News fusions and counter stance.

I need a sound that rings true.
Unbound and new,
Light to the dark of this madness,
Bright, stark, showing the sadness.

I need a sense of faith in us.
No fence to trust,
Sides of equal wisdom spouting,
Honest, real, truth accounting.

I need a system of sharing all,
This chasm conceals as we fall,
Deep into the blackness of spoon-fed lies,
Dispirited factions of false denies,
From misguided power crazed types,
Who’ve prided themselves on hype.

Never knowing they follow fools,
Tempted by the glowing baubles
Of wealth and gain and much disdain,
For the unhealthy, unfed, who remain
Veiled and manipulated,
Staled and sedated.

I'm seeking out souls raw with knowledge,
Whose goal is one I can acknowledge,
As being with purpose equal to all,
Agreeing a sequel to this awful
Reign of greed and self serving love;
Satisfying the needs of each of us.

I want a secure home life here on earth,
I’m unsure of the present quality and worth,
I doubt the illusion can be right.
I flout the conclusions on news at night
That peace through war,
Settling a score,
Freedom through law,
From more, more, more...
Can contain an answer to life’s dilemmas,
Can obtain the clarity of a soul enema,
Can do anything but continue to cover my view,
Cloud, bring shroud of untrue.

Please visit Tina Louise at her home blog

Peace y'all

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