Faith Without Works is Dead – the War in Iraq

Today we have a guest post by Tony Loyd of RFD Blog. Visit Tony at his home site for more of his work.

Faith Without Works is Dead – the War in Iraq

You’ve probably heard that saying, “Faith without works is dead,” or more precisely, “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” So, now let’s apply that to the war in Iraq. It is not enough to say we want the war to be over. We have to take massive action if we want to end the war. If we believe in peace, but we take no action, our belief is dead. But with massive action, our belief can be realized on the earth.

Here are a few actions you can take today to bring peace to the Middle East right now.

1. Take to the streets! Join in the March for Peace. They brought the troops home from Vietnam, after we took to the streets in massive numbers. It's time to take to the streets today.

2. Support a candidate who supports peace. Two declared presidential candidates have come out in favor of bringing our troops home - Tom Vilsack and John Edwards. You can contribute to their campaigns. You can volunteer to work for them. You can hold rallies in your home to support them. If you contact the campaigns, they will give you plenty to do to work toward peace.

3. Believe it or not, you can end the war with a little popcorn. That's right - popcorn. Screen a film about the war in your home. Brave New Theaters makes it easy. Go there and sign up to screen Iraq for Sale, The Ground Truth, or Sir No Sir.

4. Make a suggestion to your Congressmen/women. How about this for a practical suggestion? Do NOT cut off the funding for the troops on the ground. Instead, cut off the billions of dollars for missiles and ships and other methods of traditional warfare. That will get some attention at the Whitehouse and the Pentagon without harming our troops. If the Pentagon wants to choose to spend their billions on a pointless war, let them. But they're going to have to give up their toys to do so.

5. Heal the real wound that is causing much of the strife in the Middle East. End the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Join with others at

So, there’s the bottom line. If you want peace now, you’ve got to work for it. Faith that we will have peace in Iraq without direct action, is dead.

Let’s work together to bring peace to Iraq today.


Peace y'all

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