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Not to worry there is no shortage of writers much greater than I to fill the gap.
So I am going to borrow the Crooks and Liars format today and share some good reads with you.

Is that your stomach growling? You must be insecuring.
This really left me wondering just how much further the USDA will take this separation of Humanity and State when I heard about their newspeak term for hungry. I guess if we let the USDA slide with this one they will be happy to show us just how far.

No, you're not hungry, you're just insecure
In fact, mere days before Thanks-giving, Mr. Bush's Department of Agriculture issued its annual report on food availability and, lo and behold, no one was listed as “hungry.” Take that, FDR!

Don Kaul is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-losing Washington correspondent who, by his own account, is right more than he's wrong.


I don’t watch much television. When I do its usually Democracy Now, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Maybe I will check out this Olbermann guy…although if he is even getting near a MSM camera it makes you wonder no matter what he says. Has MSM jaded me? In a word, yes.

Olbermann is Interviewed
Hot Heir
Anderson who? How an also-ran anchor became the caustic king of cable news
By Tyler Gray
Ever see taking Countdown into Daily Show or Colbert Report territory?
I don't know that I could ever do that. I admire what Jon and Stephen do. I have told Stephen that I think he is just too good. I've seen right-wing blogs that have posted things he's said and taken him seriously.... They didn't even notice that he'd already sunk his stiletto into them.


Nancy, I am so all for the “love your enemy approach”, but it seems to be increasingly clear that Mr. Hastert may have looked the other way (with a whole host of other characters) while a pedophile preyed upon congressional pages. I have forgiven some pretty heinous stuff in my day too, but does he really deserve the playboy suite? C’mon. That’s not forgiveness that’s a consolation prize. Some say it was a thank you gift…for the Chair he fell out of that your backside will be keeping warm come January…may I remind you that we, the majority actually made that nice chair available to you and we do expect you to use it for more than a perch, much more indeed.

Pelosi offers nice Capitol Hill digs to outgoing Hastert
A well-placed GOP source says that Pelosi, in a random act of bipartisan kindness that will surely irk Members on both sides of the aisle, has decided to reward Hastert with the plush and coveted Capitol office suite now held by retiring Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas (R-Calif.).

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