Sunday Poetry Series: Because

The selection this week is from Peace Tree Poets Society member, Tina Louise.
One excellent post from Lori Hahn on the world of adoption and foster kids deserves an equally beautiful poem in honor of the love and dedication of a parent.

Tina Louise on "Because"
For my precious one and only child Stephanie on her 17th birthday, August 2004. She is my world, my reason to be and my greatest accomplishment in life.

and now.......


Because I hold, the keys to your future,
Because you’re innocent, new and pure,
Because you will reap, all that I sow,
Because you will learn, all that I know,
Because the sea, won’t always be calm,
Because evil, can be coated in charm,
Because life, won’t always be just,
Because hearts break, if spirit is crushed,

I must,

I must,

I must...

...make sure you know it’s not about ashes,
Dust to dust or where the cash is,
Balance educational indoctrination,
Teach through loving adoration.

Make clear what’s right, and good and true,
Make safe little paths, for you to pass through,
Make sense of the world, you exist in,
Make peace in the chaos, calm in the din,
Make sure the holes, are all sign-posted,
Make life a lesson, with wisdom quoted,
Make open the roads, on which you will travel,
Make loose life’s knots, for you to unravel,

I shall,

I shall,

I shall... you the links from here to eternity,
Reveal the depths of spiritual identity,
Stress how ‘NOW’ really is the biggest thing,
With more value than any diamond ring.

Show you reality, and the costume it wears,
Show you how, to side-step dares,
Show you nature, in all it’s glory,
Show the joy, of a bedtime story,
Show you unconditional love,
Show you how to rise above,
Show you life, without the veil,
Show you why we should save the whale,

I will,

I will,

I will... my heart and set you free,
Watch you grow, blooming like poetry,
Sure that your future will be as it should,
That as your mother, I did all that I could.

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Peace y'all

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