Sheeple Awaken

Ok…was it just me or did anyone else out there in Liberal blogosphere land notice a big jump in visits today from search keywords like:

The Constitution
Civil Rights
Human Rights
Illegal Surveillance
Progressive Values
Liberal websites
No Habeas Corpus
And oh yes….last and possibly least….

Alberto Gonzales

and yes, he really said it.

I don’t know if any of you guys do this or not but….I pay pretty close attention to my visitors choice of keywords because if you watch it long enough you begin to see a pattern emerge that correlates directly with the latest shenanigans of the Bush Administration.

I can say with certainty that I have seen a steady…slow…yes, but definite increase of people from all over the world who are beginning to take a little notice about what is happening to our Constitutional Republic. Others can’t help but notice…their lives have been utterly devastated by the only country righteous enough to hold a pre-emptive war special exception status.

So, yeah…the progressive keywords are popping up more and more…and from all over the world. Guess if you are not American (and are we not just a little too close to “if you are not American you are a terrorist?) you damn sure want to be knowing as much as you can about what the hell is coming next.

Every time the Administration smacks the people of this nation upside the head with its fascist policies…aka The War on Terror, a few more feel it…a few more snap into consciousness and then…..drum roll, please…….

They See It.

They already know they can’t count on the MSM to shoot it straight. Hey, bought and paid for is bought and paid for.

Yes, I am jaded about the MSM…but I gave them the benefit of the doubt…until they used it all up.

People are coming to the progressive internet to find out our view of this brave new world because they are not going to hear it on Fox….ever. What they are hearing on Fox is alarming them….finally….but much better late than never for sure.

So, to all of you who are using your first progressive keyword welcome to our world, a place where peace is actually possible.

And to all the seasoned veterans of the peace and justice movement who are out there right now networking, building coalitions, organizing campaigns and facilitating the means of legal protest for hundreds of thousands of people who believe that strongly their government is not acting in the best interest of We The People,

I love you all.

Peace y’all
Dissent is not terrorism
Its Democracy.


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