Sunday Poetry Series: Soul Remains

The selection today comes from Peace Tree Poets Society member, Tina Louise.

Tina Louise on Soul Remains:
Just thinking about the sometimes ugliness of being flesh at the end of a beautiful soul - beingthe bit that has to hurt and feel everything in order to learn and get the most out of this lifetime. Such sadness and yet such rewards too - life confuses me always.

Soul Remains

This mess of bedraggled flesh
Dangling at the end of soul
Uncaressed cold

This cache of lives amassed
Serving time in realm of time
Detached unrhymed

This outcrop outgrowth overload
Birthed burned churned by the living
Exposed tripping

This bloodied bodied vessel
Experiencing tingling filling
Tangible willing

This spined nerve twined tangle
Senses speculates schemes
Mangled dreams

This seeing hearing being
Rises falls walks crawls goes stays
Sheering days

This weeping leaking orifice
Drips slips glides the slide of life
Lives dies

This joy and sadness of life
This debit and credit of time
This puppet of soul that we are
This music this dance this art

Of living

Visit Tina Louise at her home blog.


Peace y'all


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