White Light of Peace

Greetings All,

Today I welcome the newest member of The Peace Tree authors community, Kristen Boyesen.

Kristen is also a very gifted artist and I highly encourage you to visit her blogs listed at the end of this post. Aside from creating extraordinary paintings of the natural world, Kristen also teaches art classes and has developed a unique art centered program called Imagination Arts for the corporate world, groups and individuals that fosters inner peace and creativity.

White Light of Peace

It is up to us. Individuals do have a voice. It is the inner voice of the spirit. When we think and feel loving peaceful thoughts, we send loving peaceful thoughts to those around us, and they can feel it too.

This is how the world will become a better place.

The essential spiritual core of all religions is love. All the rest is edifice created by humans in the guise of holiness.

Heal your own inner doubts, fears, prejudices, angers, resentments.
Let them go, then feel the Love.

We are all connected. We can share the love with those next to us, and those far away, just by feeling it, then imagining the love as the White Light of Peace surrounding specific people, areas of world unrest, and the entire planet.

Send this Light for the Highest Good by your thoughts and good intentions.
The world will feel it, and universal peace will increase, one Light Prayer at a time.


When I started this blog it was because I have a lot to say that I wanted to share, and because I love to write. I also have a lot of empathy for things out of their natural balance, and wanted to do something to try to bring them back to a place of rest, a place of peace. Sometimes I will be posting beautiful photos and writing soothing words to bring calm to the unsettled spirit.

But I keep running into articles that show how the world is out of balance. Others tell of efforts made by individuals, groups, municipalities, corporations, and governments to bring balance. The articles I post are to show the struggles, to bring forth the truths, and to open the possibility that we, as individuals, can change to a more peaceful way of living by our everyday choices.

I was in the car with a friend recently who gave me a running commentary about his driving, and why he was doing what he was doing. He had, he thought, valid reasons for not using his turn signals or for getting angry when someone cut him off. All I could see was the tension he was creating and holding in his body.

And, he is a health nut, purchasing organic food and taking herbal supplements and exercising. He was negating it all by creating negative energy within himself.

"We are all in this together", I said. "Driving on the freeway is an act of sheer trust. If you enter in a fighting mood, you will get a fight. Enter instead with the notion that you will be working together with everyone on the road to ensure that you all arrive safely at your destinations. Think of everyone on the road as part of your family.

Everyone knows there are always family members who are a bit rowdy or inconsiderate or self-centered. When these folks are encountered, give them blessings for a safe journey, rather than wrath. They will help protect everyone around them, including yourself, if you bless them rather than curse them. Use your signals before all moves, so that all members of your family (of the moment) can work together to share the road space.

Everyday choices, coming from within, to walk the path of peace. There are so many ways!

Inner Peace Brings World Peace

Visit Kristen at her blogs and art sites:
Art Experiences
Imagination Arts
Draw and Paint
Wilderness Art
White Light of Peace
Kristen S. Boyesen Gallery


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