Greetings my friends,

Well, we seem to be having major laptop issues here at The Peace Tree. We shall see if I have the patience to hold out for the new version before I purchase the Mac Book Pro.

That may raise a few eyebrows of those who happen to know me personally and perhaps have some knowledge of my sad addiction to Windows. Fortunately one of the good Doctors I work with is supremely and beautifully geeky in addition to being a very gifted young surgeon. He uses a Mac..."of course". So, after months of casual persuasion, the good Doctor brought his Mac Book Pro into the office...and took me on a thrilling test could I resist.

He says it should be out by the end of the to check on that.

In the meantime...please visit The Peace Tree contributing authors at their respective locales...the links are conveniently located in the center column.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank one of our regular readers for a beautiful weekend.
Fun is so healing...thank you : )

See y'all in Apple Land...unless the HP can hang some in the meantime.

Peace y'all


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