The Bush Administration Is...

Today we have a post from Peace Tree Contributing author, W. Christopher Epler.

The Bush Administration is a fragile mobile of Political/financial/religious forces; not a unified political juggernaut.

It's like an animal that shouldn't even exist, since the probability that the Christian Right would unite with Israel's lunatic fringe at precisely the same moment Mussolini-style American fascists would attempt a corporate coup d'etat is effectively zero.

But this is exactly what happened, even though any historian would be laughed out of his/her tenure ship had they predicted such a fantastic collage of seemingly disparate interests could last for more than five minutes.

However, mobiles go out of balance very easily and rag tag coalitions of virtually different life forms never last, and the signs are everywhere that the Bush/Republican/Evangelical/lunatic-fringe-Israeli army of insanity is beginning to implode.

The reason is simple. Each of these Hydra Heads has its own agenda and "compromise" is not the name of the game with profoundly irrational and selfish people. In short, thieves fall out.

Probably never in American history has there ever been such a concantation of evil -- and such an IMPROBABLE concantation of evil. Creatures like Tom Delay, for example, are simply off the chart. Consider a man who will almost certainly end up in prison for several
years who repeatedly justified his political/financial atrocities with Biblical scripture.

And who would EVER have thought that Baptist lunatic fringers (which certainly doesn't include moral heroes like President Jimmy Carter) would march arm in arm with the political/religious Israeli lunatic fringe (which certainly doesn't speak for the complex State of Israel, e.g., the labor party).

Lunatic fringers all, but lunatic fringers with profoundly different agendas. It's a miracle they even speak to each other.

The hopeful moral in all this, of course, is that coalitions of diverse fanatics NEVER LAST. People in the psychotic grip of their designer ideologies may eat at the same table, but they never worship the same gods. Behind the public charade of unity the cult leaders sneer at each other and bide their time. Each Hydra Head secretly thinks it will outlast all the others.

Lastly, in the context of these delicately interlocked evils, people like Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are given far too much credit (or discredit!) for current events. As Tolstoy said of Napoleon, these scum are merely surfing vast national/international currents and as move the currents, so moves history. Rove, Cheney, Bush, etc. are simply the bubbles of the day, and high probability always wins over low probability so this fantastically improbable network of mutually reinforcing corruption is disintegrating before our eyes as we speak.

W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

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Peace y'all


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