O! This vessel!
It wants! O! It requests
Bravery within it! As a child
In a storm.

We know terror.
It kills, and it drives our minds
To heart-thrusted vengeance
Of an incident, a day, a moment
Replayed over and over.

Ominous! War is ominous!

O! War! War
Abhors hope! Hates it
Like a field of dancing flowers
And children clad in dreams
Upon their delight.

But peace.

O! Peace is the ship of our existence
Floating upon the waters of our desire.

O! Peace brings laughter upon humankind
And makes an ally of terror and war
And the warmongers into utter fools.
For peace has the dancing flowers
Growing upon its fields
As the child its enchantment.

O! This vessel!
It must be wanted.
This ship needs sailing,
Guided bravely through!

This peace is full of living things;
Laughter and children’s unbridled glee
Holding not revenge in their hearts
Or weapons in their hands.

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman


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