Cindy Sheehan And A Tendency Toward Hope

I haven't posted here before, and have been mostly getting to know some of you. I'm not sure of the etiquette or the protocols involved- of what to post and when. I am posting because I think that perhaps many of you share the sense of loss about Cindy Sheehan's decision to "go back to normalcy". Truth is, I dont want her in "normalcy". I want her to stay where she was, where she is needed, to be the person that so many of us can't be for a variety of reasons- a real activist. And one who articulates what we are feeling on our behalf.
Some of us at The Peace Train decided to take some time this week to post a "tribute" of sorts, to reflect on Cindy Sheehan's role in the anti-war movement and the importance of her simple question. I hope you don't mind my choice to do this here.
Her question haunts us, because it really sets the stage for the bigger question which is essentially: When is war justified? What CONSTITUTES a 'noble cause'?

And how do our feelings about the standards we wish to see employed get translated by our actions as citizens? Is there any way at all to make our government one that must meet standards to ensure that violence is a last-resort unavoidable defense, not a tool?
I think that Cindy Sheehan's hope for us was a hope that resonated, a hope that we would come to our senses and really look into our own hearts, to ask ourselves questions about who we are as a country. That Sheehan has decided to give up on her fellow citizens is a sad statement. Her cynicism and criticism of the "new" crop of politicians,her futility and fatigue from years of attacks- all come through in her words of resignation. She has been treated to more than her share of the ugliness that partisan apologist fools see fit to dish out when they cannot debate merit but rather- must resort to personal and petty slams.
So...what next, America? Where do we stand as people organizing for a more peaceful and just world? There are too many problems, too few speakers. Regardless of how one feels about Cindy Sheehan- her importance, her activities, her approach- I think we can agree that she spoke and she spoke loudly. What's next?-Lynn, The Peace Train


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