By The Cosmic Messenger

Is Lady Liberty On Life Support?

"We need to get out of war, get our economy back up, quit spending money outside of America and bring it here," ... Democrat Lisa Pollard, 45, an insurance company analyst in Arlington, Texas.

The metallic explosion of the hospital's ER trauma room doors echo loudly throughout the nearby waiting room as an EMS gurney enters transporting a cardiac victim in ventricular fibrillation. Two first responders have been working over the unfortunate person the past 15 minutes frantically applying chest compressions while manually breathing oxygen into her lungs. At this point a team of medical professionals steps in and a physician begins shouting protocol commands used to stabilize a situation when the loss of life is imminent. Get a monitor on the lady immediately, I need to see if we have a heart rhythm. Continue chest compressions. Someone secure her airway with an endotracheal tube and begin bagging her. We need a IV line flowing, time is critical.No pulse exists and a cart with a crash defibrillator is brought forward beside the stretcher. A decision is made to forgo epinephrine and administer shock pads without further delay. Their jolt succeeds in restoring a weak heart rhythm and nearly a half hour later the woman is moved to the intensive care unit of the facility. While being transferred someone asks if she's been identified. One of the EMT's who brought her in responds she's a boxer and told us her name was Liberty right before losing consciousness.

Last month's Congressional compromise on the Iraq war funding bill dealt a painful blow to Lady Liberty. In round one of the fight between corporate hegemony vs constitutional democracy, our legislative branch delivered a near fatal body punch to the female symbol of freedom. Cheered on maniacally by CEO kingpins sitting ringside waving greenbacks to motivate their actions, business centrists of both political parties savagely pummeled its opposition into submission. ...(Read the whole post)



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