More Archaeology Damage...

The minarets of the Askariya Shine
A series of blasts have destroyed two minarets at an already damaged Shia shrine in the northern Iraqi town of Samarra. The explosions were heard in the vicinity of the Ashariya mosque at about 9:00 am on Wednesday.

Police said the Shia-dominated ministry had been responsible for security at the mosque, after taking over from local security forces in April. In February 2006, the highly revered shrine was bombed by alleged al-Quaeda fighters. The attack destroyed its golden dome.

The bombing last year triggered nationwide Shia and Sunni sectarian clashes. The Askariya contains the tombs of the tenth and eleventh imams, Ali al-Hadi, who died in 868, and his son Hassan Askariya, who died in 874. Descendants of the Prophet Muhammad, Shias consider the two imams among his natural successors.

I've recently made it clear how disturbed I am by the destruction of the ancient buildings and any country. But we are dealing with Iraq now...and a war that never should have taken place. A failed war at that. That these things of antiquity have so grossly and negligently been disregarded by anyone that can think or has eyes in their head is beyond me. Bottom line...we cannot make these things come back to life. Which brings me to the legacy of death for this country of Iraq. Blood letting on both sides...leading nowhere...just draining into the sands of time. We must be relentless in our quest for PEACE...relentless!

I think we have a new endeavor approaching us though...a new consideration...a new battle of we needed more of that. Like Bob Dylan said back in the 60's..."when we they ever learn?" How many times must a man look up...before he can see the sky? The answer is blowing in the wind...and I think it is a cold ill wind blowing our way. No offense Bob.


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