THAW - Theatres Against War

Back in 2004 THAW had the honor of being awarded an OBIE which included a grant of $3300. For several reasons - the fact that we have an entirely volunteer staff, the goodness of attendees at our free THAW events over the years that have been so generous when the hat is passed around for donations, and the low overhead that we try to maintain in all of our work, among other things – almost all of our OBIE money has remained in our bank account. A few months ago members of the Steering Committee met, and thinking the money could be of better use in the hands of theatre artists in war zones, it was decided that a THAW “scholarship” would be established using a portion of the money. In the amount of $1000, this “scholarship” will be given to an artist or group of artists making theatre in conflict or “post-conflict” areas. In order to decide where the money goes we are reaching out to THAW members, asking them to nominate potential recipients. These nominees may come from anywhere in the world that you feel is in conflict, be it military, racial, economic, etc. Once the nominations have been received, the Steering Committee will then meet to decide on the recipient. It is our hope that this modest financial award will be of great aid to artists struggling in adverse conditions. To nominate an individual or group, please send an email to with the following information (and please write scholarship in the subject line):

1.Your Name:

2.Your Theatre/Organizational Affiliation (if any):

3.Your Contact Info (Email/Phone):

4.Nominee’s Name (specify if individual or group):

5.Country the Nominee lives/works:

6.Nominee’s Contact Info (Website if available):

7.Your relationship to the Nominee (or how you became familiar with their work):

8.Briefly describe why you think this person(s) should receive the THAW Scholarship and how the money might be spent?:

9.Are there any obstacles to the nominee receiving the funds? If so, how will the money get to them?

10: Please add any other info you find relevant (links to articles, personal story, etc.):

Please submit nominations by June 30th.

In solidarity,

THAW Steering Committee


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