tuesday peace now! post

in light of bushco escalating conflict with iran and single handedly reigniting the cold war- i have to say- when is enough enough? why are americans so afraid? why do we continue to buy into the bogus terrorist plots and orange alerts? we were a nation of go getters and do for ourselves- until a generation or so ago. what is it that has changed?

i think we are afraid of losing our stuff. how else to explain why we react so fearfully to everything? is it because a generation of americans has been raised with 'helicopter parents' who hover and smother their children and extinguish any individuality or creative thought? who knows? i do know that it is embarrassing. we are supposed to be the toughest most militaristic nation on the planet- and we cower and have to fight our wars elsewhere. how cowardly is pre-emptive striking? am i saying that i want war here? no- of course not. but i am saying that i want a free, open, really democratic republic- not a facade that has a crumbling foundation built on fear.

were we ever peaceful? no- not really. we only fought each other once- so i suppose in the grander scheme of things- that's peaceful. i would think that in a country that is so focused on facades and appearances- we would want the appearance of being peaceful at least. we focus so much on differences with other nations while trying to force conformity here. perhaps we should look around and find similarities with other nations- we might find some common ground and be able to actually and realistically work towards world peace in our lifetime.

there is really no good excuse- peace now!!!

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