tuesday peace now! post

sitting here having my morning cuppa- and wondering what more i can possibly say about the need for peace. it completely baffles me how there are people in this country, and around the world, who glorify war and think it is a perfectly acceptable means to an end. if i stop to think about the lives shattered and lost due to arrogance and war mongering, it overwhelms me. there is never a good excuse for going to war. there is never a good excuse to start a war. some would say- we need to defend ourselves- and i would say- see above. yes, i am sophisticated enough to see that people need to defend themselves against aggression- but my point is that the aggressor shouldn't have started a war.

here's the deal: none of the nations we are currently at war with started shit with us. none. iran did not start anything with us. they didn't. in this round of war, we are the aggressors and there is no way to candy coat it. we have put ourselves in league with some of the most famous dictator states from around the world- saddam hussein included. any time a nation starts invading and occupying other sovereign nations, it should give the world pause. europe took a lot of flak in history books for not standing up to german aggression sooner. i ask you-- what is happening now?

let the scales fall from your nationalistic eyes and wake up. we are single handedly re-igniting the nuclear arms race and a recent news headline said that nuclear war is a possibility. if ever there was a reason for peace now! i would say this is it.


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