another tuesday post for peace

i was thinking about peace because of a question bluegrrl posed recently- "How do we create a language of peace, where our words and actions mesh with our values?"

and i thought to myself, "i don't think it's possible." i have been saying that we should lead by example and be the peace we want. i don't think it is possible in america. there are too many people who don't care about others. there is too much self centered greed where folks are not willing to sacrifice at all for others. there are too many folks in this country who feel that they are superior to millions of other people- simply by virtue of being american.

what would it take for peace? people not taking what isn't theirs. greed is the root of war. oh sure, we dress it up in fancy names but it is still greed. why did we go to the middle east? to take what wasn't ours. why are people continuously killing each other in africa? greed. when combined with that feeling of superiority- it has horrible consequences. only when people realize that they aren't the center of the universe and that they are not entitled to have things- especially things that aren't theirs to begin with- will there be a shot at peace. when people realize that we are all the same underneath the skin and that the outer trappings don't matter- will there be a chance for peace on earth. when people realize that we all have to pull together in order to save the whole world- not just america- will there be a chance for peace. i have a feeling that a snowball has a better chance of surviving in the gobi desert.

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