Impeachment... It ain't rocket science!

BARBARA BOXER: Yeah. I mean, you left out a bunch of things — spying on citizens without a warrant, going around FISA, on and on. Look, I have always said it should be on the table. Ed, I’ve always said it. I was on a book tour and I ran into John Dean of Watergate fame. He was on the book tour that I was on, for his book. And it was right after we discovered that the administration was spying on our people without a warrant. And he just said, he looked at me and basically just said, as far as he could see, unless there was some explanation for this, this was impeachable.

I’ve always said that you need to keep it on the table, and you need to look at these things, because now people are dying because of this administration. That’s the truth. And they won’t change course. They are ignoring the Congress. They keep signing these signing statements which mean that he’s decided not to enforce the law. This is as close as we’ve ever come to a dictatorship. When you have a situation where Congress is stepped on, that means the American people are stepped on. So I don’t think you can take anything off the table. Because in fact the Constitution doesn’t permit us to take these things off the table.

Yes! For God's sake do it already!

Do what a majority of us have been calling for since 2003!

Impeach the whole lot of them!

Put it on the table along with the thousands of other things… that is what they were elected to do and that is their constitutional duty; to do the people’s business!

This idea that the government will come to a screeching halt is bull shit, plain and simple.

The idea that if we pull our troops out as soon as humanly possible that Iraq will slide into a full bore civil war (as if it’s not already) is more of the same.

The world won’t come crashing if we impeach and retrieve our stolen rights and bring back Habeas and end the spying and burn the patriot act and close gitmo instead of doubling it and fix our health care system and SSecurity and fund rebuilding Iraq, etc etc etc.

But… it may well be, that if we do not act on these issues, along with impeachment, that the world will indeed come crashing… or knocking.


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