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"The martyrs are scarred and wounded by society's transgressions but we are healed by their stripes. What makes America great is the right to protest and when we see evidence of our labors in the exercise of that right how sweet it is. We cannot afford to be complacent because we still have a long way to go to make the playing field even for all Americans." ....
Rev. Jesse Jackson

On July 4 our Nation pauses to celebrate, "INDEPENDENCE DAY," the holiday set aside to memorialize the signing of the official document declaring freedom from the tyranny of King George III of England. As we do, citizens must ask themselves whether events occurring the past couple of years have redefined the original meaning of our declaration and has human individualism been lost forever?

Oppression breeds discontent and in 1776 citizens living within the thirteen original colonies felt they were being unfairly taxed for the benefit of the ruling Aristocracy of England. Troops were sent to suppress the proliferation of anger by the Colonists resulting in the assembly of a Continental Congress whose representatives produced the, "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE." It essentially renounced allegiance to the British Crown in the name of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and asserted freedom and independence for its residents. With this pronouncement, a birth of a nation came about and its stated principles have become a cherished model for subjucated people in the 230 years since.

The statement most often cited in this explicit expression of precepts is, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created Equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

The significance of those words have become the subject of much debate and interpretation. The noted American Philosophy Educator, Michael Berliner writing in the online journal, "CAPITALISM MAGIZINE," reasons the essence of the Founding Fathers intent was to protect the potential ability of the Individual Mind to deduce sensibly.

"That is the meaning of Independence," he wrote. "Trust in your own judgement, in reason; do not sacrifice your mind to the state, the church, the race, the nation or your neighbors."

Berliner defines unalienable Rights as follows:

RIGHT TO LIFE: "Means that every individual has a right to his own independent life, that one's life belongs to oneself, not to others to use as they see fit."

RIGHT TO LIBERTY: "Means the right to freedom of action, to act on one's own judgement, the right not to have a gun pointed at one's head and be forced to do what someone else commands."

RIGHT TO PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS: "Means an individual may properly pursue his own happiness, friends, hobbies, etc and not exist as a mere tool to serve the goals of others."

Members of the Second Continental Congress placed an overwhelming emphasis on institutions being subordinate to the rights of individuals. After declaring itself a Nation, a Constitution was authored, including a Bill Of Rights which specifically detailed the laws of the land. However, it failed to adequately address one important question which has been both a divisive and monumental influence in shaping the legal legacy of the United States to present. Can corporations be considered persons, entitled to the same Rights guaranteed to individuals under the Constitution or should they be defined as artificial entities without these privileges?

Thom Hartmann, a lecturer and author with expertise on the subject, asserts imposing rules on corporations was deliberately omitted in anticipation that left unchecked, the young nation would grow and prosper. Instead, States would regulate industry and insure they didn't acquire monopolistic control.

"States made it illegal for corporations to lie about their products, and required that their books and processes always be open to government regulators.

States and the federal government claimed the right to inspect companies and investigate them when they caused pollution, harmed workers or created hazards for communities," Hartmann wrote. More importantly, States prohibited corporations from either participating or influencing the political process.

Eventually, the Industrial Barons of the 1800's considered the restraints too restrictive and petitoned to have the same Constitutional rights enjoyed by individuals as a means of gaining broader control of the economic marketplace.

Not until 1886, when a clerical error was inserted into a U.S. Supreme Court decision claiming corporations were persons, did their legal status change. The mistake was cited as judicial precedent in future challenges. An explicit accounting of how corporations obtained personhood can be found in Hartmann's book, "UNEQUAL PROTECTION: THE RISE OF CORPORATE DOMINANCE AND THE THEFT OF HUMAN RIGHTS."

The recognition of corporations as individuals has led to a gradual reversal of the original intent of the Constitution designed to protect human rights so they might remain free of subversive institutions. Rather than providing parity, the balance has shifted to protecting the interests of corporations above all else, affirming the convictions of Thomas Jefferson and others of his Era concerning the adverse consequences of unfettered business organizations.

This new realignment, became evident in the 1980's when Corporations used Constitutional rights such as the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments in legal cases to belligerently proclaim protection in disputes concerning Free Speech, Search and Seizure and Double Jeopardy. As the new reality dawned and legal challenges esculated from within the business community , States followed the lead of the Federal government removing many of the past commerce constraints making industries virtually self regulating.

In the aftermath, our Nation has changed. Domestic and foreign policies have been altered to serve the interests of business donors who generously contribute to political campaigns. Half - truths such as those about Jessica Lynch or WMD's are floated as patriotic empathy by elected leaders and circulated through a complicit media driven by the same acquisitive desire of the false gods they serve. Moral phrases such as, "In God We Trust," have become nothing more than meaningless political slogans invoked by empty faces devoid of the values they purport to represent. Think tanks are recruited to devise sales pitches to disarm our reservations about whatever happens to be the latest plan in vogue.

The modern United States we are witnessing has chosen the path of a deregulated business society, adept at using the media, legal system, political power and money to achieve its ends. This combination of influences is the antithesis to the meaning of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. An extreme, amoral philosophy has been christened and elevated to the top of a ethical society.

Persons are free to disagree but only to the extent it doesn't conflict with the desired goals of the artificial bodies who control the agenda. Dissent, a form of reasoning, is met with increased monitoring of your lifestyle. Corporate immunity as opposed to human freedom appears to have become the leading objective, whatever the costs either monetarily or socially. Good conduct doesn't seem to be a motivating factor within the realms of this altered, reconditioned environment.

Our Founding Fathers sought to defend this Country from the excesses of a material society by establishing as its cornerstone protection of human dignity above institutions. This rule no longer exists. Our Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness haven't been extinguished but redefined to mean principles of politically correct behavior. As long as we stay within that parameter, we are free to enjoy the independence dictated to us by the new revisionists. Is it a receipe for tyranny ?

While eating your barbecue this Fourth of July, consider the words of current DNC chairman and former Presidental candidate Howard Dean while on the campaign trail in 2004:

"The Americans I have met love their country. They believe deeply in its promise, our values and our principles but they know something is wrong and want to take action."


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