tuesday post for peace

with all of the recent information coming out in (gasp) the msm- about corruption and executive orders- and faked al quaeda operatives, one would think that holding someone accountable and starting the pullout from iraq would be a no brainer. but no. sadly no. here we are, with the dems doing nothing.

even after cindy s. and her crew begged and pleaded- and promptly got arrested. even after poll numbers hit a new high with folks wanting impeachment. even after meeting with the former ‘axis of evil’ folks to hope that they can do what we couldn’t- bring some stability to a country we de-stabilized. we have to work diligently for peace- and it has to become a mindset, because even after the last soldier is home, america will not be at peace. she may be resting in peace- but there are millions of angry people here- and peace is far from our minds.


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