why peace is elusive

and other such musings by betmo :) i haven't felt much hope, lately, that the human animal can change. the ones who rise to the top are usually the ones who like to send the rest of us to war for their gain. we, apparently, haven't caught on to their game and continue to be pawns. i have seen some glimmers of hope though- and the reasons behind why folks hate other folks or want to use them for profit- are fear and greed. no brainer. until we become the peace we seek and encourage others to be also- we won't see positive change. i know- let's all sing kumbaya now :) i think more and more folks are realizing that there is work to be done and we need to do it. the 1960's led the way towards change through abrupt change. this change we face today probably won't be- but hey, who knows? all we can do is work on being peaceful in our own lives and cause the ripple effect. each person we touch can be led towards peace through communication and example. peace has been elusive because it takes hard work. hard work isn't something that modern folks are used to- and we all know our communication with one another has broken down. we must fix the system and make it work- and violence does not defeat violence. let's start today reconnecting with ourselves and doing the work necessary to be the peace we seek. namaste.


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