One of the things that buggs me

first things first

thanks for inviting me
to add my 2 cents
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wondrous of blogs

Now on to my rant.
I got very annoyed this Holiday Season with the constant barrage of emails asking me to give to this cause and give to that cause and give to their sister's and mothers' and brother's causes. Eventually I got so pissed, I ended up unsubscribing to them all.

One of the ones that I had left was Ideal Bite. They send out emails, mostly daily, regarding good stuff we can do for our environment and economy and people of this world and stuff like that.

I got one this week that hit a nerve. It pertained to, not giving but loaning people monies to get their lives back on track. You get to pick a cause of your choice and pick whom you loan money to, a purpose. Key word here is 'loan'. Not just general giving to an organization, for them to do with as they please. I got burned doing this at work with United Way and their exorbitant administration costs. And what's that old saying - once burned twice shy.

SO here goes, if you know my blog you know I'm known for way cool links; Small loans for sustainability, find a project through Global Giving, creating a world without poverty, helping the poorest of the working poor is FINCA, and last but not least and eBay company called MicroPlace.

Now, if we could only incorporate this to 'local' lending within the US of A for small business and entrepreneur's - wow. Maybe we wouldn't need Baby Bush giving us 300 bucks to spend and revive this economy (that's his inflation patch until he leaves office).

Oh, here's my contribution to someone out there wanting/working in their own small business - Free Building My Business info my friend at Box of Crayons. He has an email newsletter that you can subscribe to that just kicks ass!!

peace my blogger friends


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