Belacqua Jones, meth riddled visionary,
via Case at Open Letters to George W. Bush (from his ardent admirer, Belacqua Jones),
is well worth a daily read if there ever was one in blogotopia.

Before reading his letters I will offer three cautions:

1. Do not drink anything while you read them, unless you can afford to buy a new monitor every other day or so or you keep a spray guard over your screen and keyboard.

2. Bring your "irony meter" and set it to "high" (pun intended).

3. Do not read them while taking medications of any variety as you will never no what is causing those nasty side effects (and doing so would likely negate any possibility of bringing suit against big pharma).


Our Quadrennial Search for a New CEO

Dear George,

It never fails to amaze me how often the left gets it wrong. I’ve been reading a piece that goes on and on about what wimps Congressional Democrats are, which they certainly are but not for the reasons the author describes. Their cowering has less to do with a missing backbone and more to do with the revolution you have set into place.

America’s traditional separation of powers has always been a pain in the ass. Under the pressure of constant bickering and posturing the wheels of government have clumped along to the stirring beat of inefficiency.

Thanks to you, the public no longer suffers the vacuum of inaction that for too long characterized the Beltway. You have strengthened our traditional separation of powers by making the legislative and judicial branches employees of the Corporatist State. This allows the three branches to achieve a unity of purpose never before dreamed of.

Congressional Democrats fold and fold and fold because they understand that loyal employees don’t buck the boss. Pork fat floods the hallowed halls of Congress, and our congressmen realize that if they don’t dance to the corporate tune they will find all this fat rendered out of them.

The bottom line is that they don’t fear you, they fear becoming low fat legislators.
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