(A Poetic Justice Photomontage) If you support Barack...Let the ad-making begin! has a message for all filmmakers, writers, directors, actors, editors, composers, graphic artists, and animators: Whether you're a total amateur or a total pro, now is the time to use your creativity to help Barack Obama win. We're launching an ad contest: "Obama in 30 Seconds."

Powered by grassroots enthusiasm, Obama has won the most states and the most delegates. But the race isn't over, and we've got to pull out all the stops to help him across the finish line.

We're counting on you to make amazing ads in the next three weeks. Then, MoveOn members and the public will rate the ads, and a panel of top artists, netroots heroes, and filmmaking professionals will pick the winner from among top ads. We'll air the winning ad nationally, and the winner will receive a gift certificate for $20,000 in video equipment.

Whether you're definitely interested or need time to think about it, sign up today. Then, check out the guidelines and tips on making a great ad, gather up your friends or find collaborators here, and get started! April 1 deadline! (OBAMA In 30 Seconds...)

*If you want to advertise this on your site you can use the graphic above. (Right click on it and save photomontage.)*

Don't let Faux Noise dictate the "race"


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