THE WAY I SEE IT (Obama and race)

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The way I see it...

Bring on the dialogue about race. Talk to Obama about race.

Let him speak fluently and clearly about race in America. Let the fascists consider for a moment the truth of his and his pastors words. Let them mingle together in this lexicon bowl of races. Let them sink into the skulls of those doubting that the black man is still slave to the white man's establishment!

Let the rhetoric, the debate flow out into the halls of Congress, into the pubs of Louisiana, under the train tracks of Missouri and Arkansas, along the plush golf courses, clatter over the clink of wall street fat cats, jangle around the barstools of mid-west saloons and jingle near the pockets of the oil barons, and land at the feet of the CEO pushing the pedal down in his Hummer.

Let it come.

Let it be fleshed out,
Brown, red, black, and white...
Skins laid bare over the cold granite of truth.


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