This was my entry in the Human Right's First Anti-torture contest of
Top Ten Signs We Finally Have an Anti-Torture President
# 10
We the people no longer have the dreadful sensation that we’re drowning.

# 9
The parallels with Nixon’s administration and the Vietnam war no longer apply.

# 8
Knee-jerk terror alerts become passé.

# 7
The sequel to the movie “Rendition” is canceled due to its implausibility.

Seeing the vice president on the news doesn’t scare the kids.

# 5
“Gitmo” becomes, “No Larry, No Curly, and No Moe”!

# 4
It’s two-thousand and nine!

# 3
The president is seen reading a book and it isn’t a photo-op.

# 2
The president pronounces it like its spelled- “nuclear”.

And the # 1 sign
that we finally have an Anti-Torture President;

“Withdrawal” and “pull out” are no longer considered dirty words.


You can go here to see the winner of the "top-ten contest"

chosen by Human Rights First "end torture campaign"...


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