dancing on my own

veronica tennant

'Is it a warning
Is it an evil sign
Is it a people who have lost their minds
Is it the darkness
Is it a man resigned

Is it a best friend leaving you behind
Is it ever gonna stop? Will they ever let you go?
You're in a rush, they don't care enough 'cause their lives are very slow.
Time is ticking on. You don't get a second shot,
And When you sell your soul for a leading role, will The Lost Souls be forgot?

And if I can't hear the music
and the audience is gone
I'll dance here on my own
And I'll hope the Lonely Hearts Club Band will play out one last song,
Before the sun goes down.'

i can't hear the music

being an american, i have a decidedly american viewpoint of the world at large and i tend to see things from american tinted glasses. i suspect most folk do. it isn't easy to relate to other cultures around the world because we are so isolated from the rest of the world. we have attempted to 'westernize' everything for our comfort level. we want the rest of the world to speak english and eat mcdonalds and drive suvs- so that we feel familiar with our surroundings. fairly egocentric and i find it a bit sad.

we speak loftily of peace and democracy for places like tibet and iraq and hypocritically support other nations, such as israel and sudan in their wars and genocides, - because it is in our best interests. we, the people, have government sanctioned torture and secret prisons used in our names- in the name of democracy every day. and still it goes on..... i don't have any easy answers- i suspect no one of any decency does. still, everyday, in america, we allow the hate speech and the bigotry, and the misogyny to continue while we battle 'evil' in foreign lands in the name of democracy.

in the name of democracy- we sacrifice ours.


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