how to get at peace

I, personally, am trying to working my way around this question, "how to get at peace?" What would be some of the first steps to even coming to a table to talk about peace?

We hear on the news about all the conflict in the world, which is why I don't watch the news, but we rarely hear about how people are solving their conflicts. Like this one that made it to TIME but Amerika has decided to poo-poo.

So, in a Mediation class I took last week, we learned about different conflict styles. We also learned that in knowing your own conflict style, you could better communicate with others around you and their conflict styles. This maybe one of the reasons why we get along with some people, first off and why we can't stand others.

Take this short, online test to find out your conflict style!

I guess all I wanted to say in this post was, if we could figure out how to get-a-long in our own homes and communities ~~ how to sit around a table and communicate with each other resolving our conflicts in an alternative way ~~ that peace building could then trickle out to our townships, counties and states. Maybe even as far as Washington DC ~ eh?

peace my friend peace!


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