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Urgent Press Realease – Brutal Militarization of OPP in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

Unto the abhorrible and arbitrary agression to the Mohawk Nation of Tyendinaga, ill- named south-eastern Ontario, Canada, by the Ontario Provincial Police, the Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada declares the following:

The autonomous Mohawk people of Tyendinaga, Nation of the Iroqouis Confederacy of Six Nations, has the absolute right to defend their ancient territory. They never renounced their land. They never accepted to be subjects of the British Crown. They never accepted being Canadian citizens, therefore they are a completely sovereign nation, that is to say that all relations between powers must be on a nation to nation basis. The Canadian State as a colonial state has no moral or legal right to intervene in the highway blocades initiated on the week of April 20th, 2008, a historic date that marks the defense of Six Nations ancient territory since 2006. They have the legitimate right to block highways that are tresspassing Mohawk Territory.

We demand the immediate retreat of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, who are encircling the entire community, intimidating men, women, elders and children, ready to defend their land against stealing, contaminating companies, as well as a genocidal colonialist state.

We demand the immediate freedom of all Mohawk Political Prisoners that were arbitrarily and brutally arrested and detained as a result from the week’s actions.

Among them Shawn Brant, one of the spokespeople of the Tyendinaga Mohawk community, who has been constantly persecuted, harrassed, framed and incarcerated as a way to stop the undetainable struggle that started so many years ago...

This struggle resurged in the 1990’s with the uprising of Oka and materialized in Kanonhstaton (the protected place), better known geographically as next to the small town of Caledonia, in February 2006. Kanonhstaton is the current national and international reference point of struggle, and marks the begining of a new era of mobilization for indigenous rights in Turtle Island, better known as North America.

The current situation allows for the unity of peoples and the exampleof Kanonhstaton rises with more strength in the road barricades placed this last week begining April 25, 2008, in support of the sisters and brothers in Tyendinaga.

From here, from Walmapu (ill-named Chile) we send a great hug in solidarity, with that same solidarity that you, the Six Nations of Grand River and Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, gave our Mapuche Political Prisoners through ceremonies of support during the most painful moments of their hunger strike...

Onward Kanonhstaton! Onward Tyendinaga! Onward with all the strength of history!!

From Arauco to Caledonia, only struggle will set us free!


April 28, 2008

The Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-CanadaEmail:


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