The working class and the employing class have nothing in common

This is the sorry state of business unions, from the WSJ-

Two of the nation's largest labor unions [SEIU and UNITE HERE] have struck confidential agreements with large employers that give the companies the right to designate which of their locations, and how many workers, the unions can seek to organize.

The agreements are raising questions about union transparency and workers' rights. A summary document put together by the unions says it is critical to the success of the partnership "that we honor the confidentiality and not publicly disclose the existence of these agreements." That includes not disclosing them to union members.

The article goes on to mention that the deal demands the unions give up their right to strike as well. All this for a card check system, something that even has measurable political support. Andy Stern wanted off the Democratic Party's tit only because he wanted to latch on to corporate America's tit. That, of course, is nothing that wasn't known, but disgusting nonetheless.

The IWW is more relevant, and needed, than ever.


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