Gee, I wonder if Queer community has Chicago School Disciples, too...we must...

This came into my inbox a few days ago...

Help elect Obama and other pro-equality leaders.
Four days left until a major fundraising deadline!

Dear dark (that's me),
"It's wrong to have millions of Americans living as second-class citizens... I will never compromise on my commitment to equal rights for all LGBT Americans."

Imagine hearing those words in a State of the Union address. Or in the inauguration speech of the next President of the United States.

Those words belong to Barack Obama. And LGBT people across the country are listening, hoping for the change we've lived without for eight long years.

Barack's campaign has relied on millions of people, giving whatever they can afford.
When you make a donation to his campaign through HRC, you send a powerful message: people who care about LGBT equality are stepping up, and we're counting on you.

Donate to Obama's campaign and other HRC-backed candidates by June

I've spoken with Barack about his commitment to equality, and it is clear to me that he understands the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people as civil rights – as human rights. He voiced it when he announced his candidacy, and he has reaffirmed it many times since then, including at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Dr. Martin Luther King once preached.

Barack has promised to work for "an America that lives up to our founding promise of equality for all – a promise that extends to our gay brothers and sisters."

Donate before the June 30th fundraising deadline.

Barack's words are echoed by a chorus of courageous pro-equality candidates for the House and Senate, including:

Betsy Markey, who has vowed to fight for bills like the Matthew Shepard Act and an inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and is running against lead sponsor of the anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment in the last Congress, Marilyn Musgrave;

New Hampshire's former Governor Jeanne Shaheen, who signed a repeal of the state's ban on gay adoption, enacted a law to ban workplace discrimination, and supports her state's new civil union law;

Congressman Mark Udall, who has earned a 100% on HRC's scorecard and
whose likely opponent for the U.S. Senate earned flat 0% ratings in Congress;

Comedian, writer, radio talk show host, and out-spoken supporter of the LGBT community, Al Franken, who will be running against the Minnesota incumbent,
Senator Norm Coleman; Victoria Wulsin, who will be in a hotly contested rematch in Ohio with Jean Schmidt, a vocal opponent of equal rights;

Representative Tom Udall, who supports key HRC legislation such as the fully-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act and strong hate crimes prevention legislation, and will be running for the open Senate seat in the battleground state of New Mexico;

Congressman Christopher Shays, who has been a leader on issues facing the LGBT community since he joined Congress in 1987 and whose race is expected to be highly competitive;

Representative Ciro Rodriguez, who faces a tough reelection campaign for his Congressional seat due to redistricting efforts by Texas Republicans. Rep. Rodriguez has always shown a commitment to issues of equality and civil rights during his time in the House;

These races are going to be extremely close, and a key FEC fundraising deadline is just four days away. Your support will play a critical role in making sure these advocates for equality make it to Washington, D.C.

Give before the deadline to help elect Obama and other HRC-backed candidates.

On November 5, let's wake up to a pro-equality White House and Congress!
Thanks for your generous support,

Joe SolmonesePresident

I'm gonna go clear out my bank account and donate my good money to the Blackchurian Candidate's campaign so that he can use my money to continue lying to anyone who will listen by saying only exactly what people want to/need to hear thereby getting himself elected president and going on to surprise all the people who voted for him by continuing on with the agendas of people like those in the Bush administration.



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