Happy Father's Day

Saturday Sonata VI with LT.

A very simple one today. I wrote this song in around 1995 on a picnic table on the deck of a bar in Austin, Texas. It had been growing in my head as I drove and drove and drove through the heat of I10 from LA, and it poured all out pretty straight away in probably an hour or so. Later that day I realized it was Father's Day.

On a sad and very related note: My wife just called from Sydney, Australia. She just arrived. Her father died Thursday morning. Peace to her and her family, and to her father, Noel.

This is "Donald," from the CD Bottomfeeders. The song features the enormous talents of Bob Evoniuk on dobro, Jeff Addicott on bass, and Emy Phelps on the vocals.

Donald - Little Thom

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