hypocritic oath

nothing like the stench of corruption in the summer air. if nothing else drives the point home that new america is a nation run- not simply by capitalism but by the corporate ruling class- this should tamp it down good:

more than 7 million americans abused prescription drugs in 2005- so since this is 2008, i am going to assume that number went up. within the last 8 years of the debacle that has been bushco, the public trust in our government's ability and desire to do it's job- especially the fda- has been shaken to the point it's nonexistent. this is one reason:

"the FDA had “corrupted its mission to protect the public health” and that Mr Troy “is aggressively intervening against the public on behalf of drug companies and medical device manufacturers.”

probably the biggest problem americans have in a corporate run, for profit healthcare system run amok- doctors. doctors are the target of pharma marketing campaigns and are often given faulty information to go by when prescribing medications.

"The bulk of the industry marketing effort — more than 70 percent by Gagnon and Lexchin’s calculation — is directed at doctors.


Because it works.

The companies spend huge amounts paying firms that carefully track what doctors prescribe, and then they use the information to tailor messages to doctors, distribute samples and develop continuing medical education programs.

Gagnon and Lexchin report that Pharma spends more than $20 billion a year on “detailers” — the pharma reps that knock on doctor doors, ply the staff with free coffee and lunches, distribute samples ($16 billion worth), and prod docs to prescribe their drugs.

This is complemented by a host of tactics that in other circumstances might be called bribes."
the result?

"Half of all Americans take prescription medications. Eighty one percent take some type of pill. 100,000 die every year from a prescription med that they either didn't need or that was not properly prescribed."

most ailments folks have- most not all- are curable with a change in lifestyle- eating and exercise habits. many mental health problems- not all- can be solved with therapy sans medication. reprogramming how one thinks and learning coping skills is a start. if we took time to live life as it is- instead of attempting to live a fantasy- we may not need to medicate or self medicate. and big corporate wouldn't be raking billions in profits of our hard earned money every year.


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