In the Darkness of Winter Hope Came.....

Something remarkable happened this week in Our Country. Millions of people that barely know each other stood together and stood up for Change. And All the people came via a remarkable journey.The one aspect of the story that the Media rarely covered or even alluded to was the most beautiful. As Obama waged a battle across the Country, and as he came to every state, there was palpable excitement. Someone that wanted to talk about Our Civil Liberties and the Constitution and Fearmongering and the Senseless War, was standing in front of us. After 7.5 years of people huddled in their living rooms this man bravely spoke of Hope and Change.The lines were huge, thousands of people at hundreds of events, it was remarkable. In St.Paul the night of Obama's Victory, the lines were over a mile long to see him.19,000 filled the Excel Center, and then 15,000 stood out in the rain to listen to his Speech that night.People wanted to be a part of the Event and that moment in Our History.

In those Lines People found themselves again, they talked to their neighbors, shared snacks and drinks and Stories. I know , because my son and I stood in those Lines. We met people we listened. It was 10 degrees, Bitter Cold beautiful crisp winter day in February by Lake Erie.Our event was 8000, one of the smaller events. It still was amazing, thousands of people who were all just trying to survive Bush's Hell. We met uninsured, broken people, some with jobs, some without, VETS, military families. All came because they saw a Light of Hope in Obama, they believed in Change.

I first heard Obama with my son, I was living in California, in a dilapitated old Victorian Rooming House by the Sea. I had driven there with him on Martin Luther King's Birthday in 2004.My son and I were sharing a room. I had been a Witness and an Investigator on a Federal Environmental Case against a large Chemical Company. By that dreadful winter , under Bush and his Criminal Regime, I had lost Everything, my Home, friends, my marriage,my job and had had to move thousands of miles trying to find a Safe path for my son and myself.I still had my son, who had just turned 13 and Hope was beyond fragile.Now when they speak on TV about the Those Nine Fired US Attorneys, it is important to realize that those Firings involved Cases, involving 100's of Witnesses like me, Justice and People like me and my son were abandoned and hurt by this Destruction of Justice.And all of our Hopes, and Dreams were beyond battered.

On TV that summer Obama spoke at the Democratic Convention. I was washing dishes, and my son said "You gotta hear this guy, he is Something".I came and sat with my son and we listened. I heard him speak , "E.Pluribus Unum". He spoke about WE THE PEOPLE, out of Many we are ONE. My son said " I think he will be President, One Day." I never forgot That Speech and those words, and how Hope flooded that battered room.

So When I look at the Long Lines, I know that it is WE THE PEOPLE,E.Pluribus Unum.I know it is thousands of people with Stories.

The beautiful Video below is made by Robert Rouse of Left of Centrist, it is about E.Pluribus Unum.....about Lines of Hope Stretching across Our Country.


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