reality bites

i have been on a hiatus until recently- life has a way of getting its own way- and consequently, have been out of the loop. and, i have been a bit tired of late and not always on the top of my game- but even i honed in on this one:

associated press demands bloggers cease using excerpts

bush and brown dine with rupert murdoch

rupert murdoch appointed to ap board

if that doesn't spell out where freedom of the press went, i really don't know what does.

father's day was this past weekend- and i want to go on record as saying i hate all holidays. no, i am not a killjoy- but every single holiday comes with a gift attached. it isn't about celebrating- it's about spending. i am beyond angry with my inlaws right now because they made a point to tell my sister-in-law that they didn't think my husband was going to call for father's day. why? why would he be such a horrible son? i have no idea but i think it's because their card is late. i say tough sh**. my husband calls them for every single occasion and event and we send them something for every occasion and event. he goes and visits them once a year and they come here once a year. he talks to them weekly. beyond moving to florida, there isn't much else he can do to share and be there. because it all boils down to an american holiday that morphed into yet another profit making venture.

meanwhile, i suppose it never occurred to my inlaws that there are thousands of dead fathers killed by american bombs and bullets. i am sure it never occurred to them that there are thousands of fathers- many innocent men locked away in the various secret prisons that are paid for by american tax dollars. i am positive they never gave it a thought that probably thousands of fathers are being tortured on a daily basis in the middle east at the directive of american orders. they were pretty lucky to have an over all healthy son who had some birth defects that were fixed when he was young. there are fathers who have buried children or have had to watch their children suffer the aftereffects of dirty bombs- used by american forces.

so, i am a bit angry that these typical, middle class americans spent the day canoing with their other child and her family after having ruined my husband's day- all because of a capitalistic society who ruined what was supposed to be a day to honor the nation's fathers. like many americans, they are content to not think too deeply or pay attention too closely- so as not to mar their fantasy of what life is supposed to be like. i don't have that luxury. someone has to pay attention and think deeply. i look out into my new back yard with the wildflowers blowing in the breeze and the birds chirping like mad while a big fat bunny hops into the windbreak- and i have the luxury of peace. those millions of displaced fathers and mothers and families- those millions dead or maimed for life- they don't have that luxury. and i don't take it for granted. but millions in this country, like my inlaws,- do.


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