Die, Warmonger! Die!

Warmonger - war·mon·ger -
a person who advocates, endorses, or tries to precipitate war.
[Origin: 1580–90; war1 + monger]
CAUTION: This video contains a very simplistic and dreadful message.
(If you consider patriotism to be a virtue then you should have no problem with its meaning.)

The group is "Dope"...but this isn't about a band’s name. The song is "Die Motherfucker Die" ...but this isn’t about the title of this particular song. It’s about the fact that so many, following 9-11 and prior to Afghanistan and into the occupation of Iraq, have used this song as a template for expressing their rage and fear and sorrow. It is also this template that screams "vengeance" and "revenge" toward a phantom enemy. If these citizens could, would but reflect on the meaning behind such, they might see that they are projecting an image of themselves more than of some phantasmal adversary.

The fact that so many, not a majority to be sure, but so many found and find nothing wrong with taking a simplistic song with a dreadful message and applying it to video of the war in Afghanistan and/or the occupation of Iraq and its peoples destruction is precisely what I and many of my blogging and non-blogging friends are fighting against; a blind love or devotion (patriotism, nationalism) to country
that leads to nothing but more blindness and overwhelming rage
that cannot and will not dissipate until
every last drum of oil has been stolen,
every brown skinned person is dead or maimed,
every Muslim is bowed to empire and Christianity,
and every flag replaced with Old Glory!

That is not an attainable goal. Completely unachievable, and yet it is the very goal that the US government is proving it wants and that an uninformed public can’t see for a lack of reasoning skills, gluttony and complacency. This, the objective, is the end-game, the final stand or it surely will be if we continue down the witless path of vengeance and conquering of the world. We will pay an exceedingly heavy price and will likely not be around to even know it.

The video above is most sad, despicable, and most unworthy of praise. It is the rot that has swept over this country more since 9-11 than at any other time in our history. Kill. Kill. Kill. If we do not stop saying, "Die motherfucker die" and dropping bombs and firing guns and slaughtering for oil we will soon find ourselves at the short end of a colossal, all-inclusive stick…
With that I offer an ode to our need to use Dope's "Die Motherfucker Die" or any other senseless song or rant as anthem for the United States of America's marching music for the theft of godforsaken oil from relatively defenseless countries or as anthem for our ruthless and mighty vengeance of a day that trembles on our streets and collapses upon our hearts, but will never and can never be avenged or righted. This rage, this vengeance has become us… and we it.


The ghouls have all gone home.
Hell… They were never here.
It was your own expression
Floating within your fear,
Your own miserable manifestation.

Die, warmonger! Die!
Thrash no more your hell’s plague!
Die your death away,
Annihilate your starvation
And feed your joy instead.

The apparition is not unfamiliar,
It is your face, your own
Hovering in the skies.
O! Bring your wrath down
And eradicate the lies!

Die, warmonger! Die!
Thrash no more your hell’s plague.
Die your death away, die!
Bring your finishing breath down
And crack large the sky.

© 2008 mrp/tpm


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