More Than Words.....

This blog has been focusing on many things recently, different writers have been focusing on damage, turmoil, history and influences of WHY and How things are broken on so many levels. Dark Daughta last night brought up about seeking definitions of different aspect of our language. But it left me thinking it is not so simple as "Language", not if our souls and hearts are defining those words differently, not if we are experiencing these times in America differently. And I also think someone living somewhere else and looking in from the outside sees this part of American History so differently.

I have friends in the UK, Spain, Asia and Japan and Down Under, and I realize that we end up having this talk very often. It is not even about "patriotism", or "citizens", those words are merely letters on a page, they do not have "Meaning" for me as an American at this point. Many of those very Words have been propandized or pandered or ever whored onto a confused people. When one lives somewhere that is grossly damaged and contorted and distorted, and Broken on ALL levels, and People and their Needs and Lives have become trampled and Invisible,suddenly words are just feathers floating in the wind after the storm has smashed the most beautiful bird to the ground.

It would be an impossible task to look at "WORDS"...Like asking 1946 Germans ," So did the 1930's feel Patriotic ?"... When maybe Someone should have asked 'How Did Your Country Break??? " " What was it like to watch a Dictator Rise and squeeze the life and soul out of your country?" What was it like to watch Military Mentality perpetrate the era of War and Fear Mongering?" Those questions would have gotten answers and maybe pain and tears and and maybe even Spiritual Awakening.If those questions were asked Now in America, I can tell you there are Answers and Tears to those questions....and Angst and Rage...but not real "words"...not yet.Because Everything that Many Knew and Loved is Not Here anymore.Lost People don't give directions well, or explain things well, that is the way of it.

I think about the 1930's and WWII and I read about Holocaust and WWII Survivors and What they went through, and that is where I look for answers about Now. Because Somehow those people found the courage to try to repair what was Broken around them and within them. Because over the past six years pieces of us have been broken,shattered and misplaced. During WWII In France the Underground Resistance had a Spiritual Side, it was made up of people that wanted to fight back, but not in violence, but in Peace. They left beautiful grafetti on buildings that was full of Hope and even compassion.They believed that if they fed people's Souls they could give Strength and spread Courage. They did what they could , providing Refuge, hiding All KInds and Jews, and helping print and distribute the Underground Newspapers and Messeges. Many were Ministers and priests, and some were just spiritually driven. The Nazi's called all that Assisted with the Resistance "Insurgents" and "Terrorists", it was haunting realizing how Much of the Language is So Similiar,merely recycled Hate Mongering.

Much of this Information about the Underground Resistance has been removed from the Internet, and that saddens me, as this is a Beautiful Brave Part of History for the French and for us.I know that people in other parts of the World KNOW that we all are NOT War Mongers, and that we are NOT All seeking Power and Corruption. I think part of Why I write about my porch , or my Soup, or my animals, or my son, or my long-gone grandmother is so that I make certain that in the Midst of this Hellish Regime Our Humanity is not lost or trampled(more). And yes, I share my own pieces of Bush Regime Tale, and not all are pretty, but they are My Story of surviving an Evil Regime. They are small in the face of it, but I have to have Hope that One Voice matters, and that Many Voices are Powerful and Strong, and Growing....and that Those Words that Feed Souls do Matter and somehow keep Some Souls Connected.

Earlier this year a Canadian friend said that they are praying we "Get THIS Election right".. I too am praying , praying that we don't let another election be hijacked like the last TWO. And that we as a People can stand against these Criminals, because the Whole World is watching....and depending on it. And a small band of Criminals has turned OUR Country Upside Down,and harmed millions and caused too much death and pain, and made many lose Sight of WHO and What they are and WHAT matters. We are having a Spiritual Crisis,a Humanity Crisis not just a Political is so Much More than Words. It is Dangerous and Dark....It is being lost in a Cave, led there by a Madman and handed a pack of wet matches and a broken candle....It is true that people in a Dark Cave Pray....and somehow those prayers are so much more than Words.
I am praying for the Strength to Return.
I am praying that Souls Connect.
I am praying that People look inside themselves.
I am praying that the Next Generations do not have to carry on with This Burden.
I am praying for the Power of Collective Conscience.
I am praying for an End to This Regime.
I am praying that we have the Courage to do what we need to do.
I am praying for Peace for all, Iraq and Here.
I am praying that the World can Forgive us.......somehow.
I am praying for ALL of us, that We The People get OUR Country Back....
I am praying that this Never happens again...

"Hope begins in the Dark, the stubborn Hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the Dawn will come." ~Anne Lamott
This song is not just about is about Saving Something Deeper, Something More.... Even when feeling small and broken.....and getting to the Morning and the Light..Duran Duran "Saving A Prayer".


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