taking away our toys

Don't ya think they should stop taking away our toys - not OUR toys baby NO NO NO?

Geeze, like the whole reason they gave them to us was to keep us amused. Ya know, to quiet the masses - But baby, you make me scream with my toys.

Like twenty hundred million channels on cable television - I wanna watch Fox with you baby, no I know, I know, let's watch Survivor but wait, wait, they have a new show now, humm what's it called?

How can they expect us to afford even basic cable television with it's less than a mere one hundred thousand channels of we don't own a home - no home? baby you can come back and rent your home from the bank that foreclosed on you?

What will the thought police do if they can't keep feeding us our daily dose of reality? Who will be their good consumers - baby, no come on, nike will never go out of business cuz how will those poor people overseas be able to make a living?

The Top 20 U.S. Media Owners

1. Time Warner Inc.
2. Walt Disney Company
3. Viacom Inc.
4. News Corporation
5. CBS Corporation
6. Cox Enterprises
7. NBC Universal
8. Gannett Company, Inc.
9. Clear Channel Communications Inc.
10. Advance Publications, Inc.
11. Tribune Company
12. McGraw-Hill Companies
13. Hearst Corporation
14. Washington Post Company
15. The New York Times Company
16. E.W. Scripps Co.
17. McClatchy Company
18. Thomson Corporation
19. Freedom Communications, Inc.
20. A&E Television Networks


peace my friend, peace


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