to peace or not to peace

I've been seriously contemplating Peace (with a capital P) now-o-days. Specifically, how to get from where we are at (war, conflict, taunting, yelling, non-listening, non-accepting and I could go on) ~ to there (Peace).

It seems, as Americans, we have learned that we need to 'force' peace onto people...especially those who disagree with us. Slam, bang when someone says something that we know (judging) is wrong or the ever so popular slam bang when someone comes at us in attack mode.

So, let's take a look at what the Dali Lama would do. Follow this link to read a speech he gave on Compassion (with a capital C).

How about Gandhi and Matrin Luther King's views on non-violence?

Our attitudes need to change folks.

And as I post my last post on this blog ~ I have to say ~ I plan on re-focusing my energies into activities and people who propagate Peace (with a capital P)

Truly peace my friend...PEACE


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