A Conversation I had on the blog "Pirates, Man Your Women"

The post was titled, How Democrats treat the American Flag, detailing the now debunked story of the abuse of all those flags at the DNC. The post was by a blogger named Tina. I will not be leaving any of the post here. I found the post to be tasteless and in many respects, pointless. Tina, the author, blasted democrats for being unpatriotic, among other things. Mostly typical trolling talking points. This is the first comment I made after I read her post and the rest followed...

TPM: So waving a flag and wearing a flag lapel pin, essentially wearing your love of country on your sleeve, is your idea of respect?
There are many ways to express your love of country without resorting to the overuse or over abundance of its “symbols”. Wave the flag all day if it suits you, just don’t assume that such a gesture is a sign of someone's love of country.
Each and every democrat I know has respect for the flag. It is the over abundance of flags and the insistence that one have or wave one that should be seen as a degradation to the principles of country. It’s like the guy that can bench 300 pounds and has to wear a t-shirt to tell everybody about it… or the proud a parent of an honor-roll student who feels compelled to let everyone know by attaching a bumper sticker to their car!

KATIE: I don’t think that dumping the flag in the bin, after the photo op, is showing respect or patriotism. I’m surprised that they wouldn’t have brought them home as a souvenir, something to proudly have in their home.
I think that the hypocrisy happens when people grab up the flag for the photo ops, but dump them in the bin after the cameras are gone.)

CHAD: Wow, good try redirecting the point.
Waving the flag and wearing a lapel pin mean nothing to me for patriotism.
But when you do get a flag and dump it on the floor/in the trash when it doesn’t suit your immediate purpose anymore is an indicator of your feelings.
And I can see if you live in a blue collar town and all you know are Democrats, then yeah, they’d respect the flag. But those elite college educated Dems… no, there something else. They don’t respect the flag or this country. I know them, I’ve talked to them. The US is an outmoded idea, no longer relevant. Socialism is the future, one world government managing everyone’s energy usage, restricting power to only those in power.
How many times have you been walking down the street and been accosted out of the blue by a conservative yelling at you for not waving a flag? Doesn’t happen. Most liberals have never even talked to conservatives about conservative values. Or else they’d be surprised that the conservatives don’t care about things like Sarah Palin in a bikini.)

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TINA: hey “poetryman” you sound like you are one of the elitest who condemn this country..
Pride in this country has been walked over by people like you!
Displaying your pride in this country is something that is important, and sadly lacking in the country. When it comes to presidential elections pride in our country and its symbols is very appropriate.. just as it is on Independence day, Memorial Day, Labor Day.. and is wonderful if shared & displayed the rest of the year. When i saw pix of the DNC i was amazed by the lack of patriotism… this is the time when displaying patriotism is exciting! But when organizers of the DNC do not even bother to adore the location with any form of pride for the USA that is sad.. instead there were forms of pride for an individual man.. that is sad & egotistical.. but that hasbeen the foundation of his campaign!
When it comes to people of the heartland, the farms/workers of this nation.. they are the 1st ones who will show pride in our country, even when times are tough.. they still show pride.. and they will gladly display their patriotism any way they can.
The ONLY people I ever see who spit on the flag & this country are the brain-washed-liberals who think they are better than everyone else.. who believe in socialist concepts that Obama obviously supports.
Trashing the flag.. that was the BIG issue, aside from the lack of patriotism displayed at the DNC.. the flags those who attended were given.. were simply tossed in the trash.. that is sad, that is disguting.. and underlines what I am saying.. those no doubt were the self-riteous socialist democrats..
PS.. to emphasize a point…
McCain’s supporters were shouting “USA,USA”… as they proudly waved American Flags.
Obama supporters shouted “Obama, Obama”.. as they drooled over that individual..
That shows so much.. McCain supporters are supporting AMERICA.. you know the country we LIVE IN!
Obama supporters do not care about this country and are in a love-drool fest with an individual who has no policies or plans.. exccept to destroy this country and everything we believe in! A vote for that egotistical loser is a vote for a socialist country with a topping of chaos! There are already countries with that.. grab Obama and go there if you believe in him, ok?)

TPM: I see some of you responded to me, yet appear to have no idea what it is that I was saying. I will try it again.

**Just because my wife and I wear wedding rings doesn't mean our marriage is sound.

Just because hundreds of flags are being waved and people are chanting USA doesn't mean that our country is in good shape.**

By the way... the “flags in the dumpster” story seems to have been a GOP/RNC lowly tactic to give the perception of grave misuse of the symbol (flag). Too bad, too, because you had your moment there and now it seems that it really never happened. Funny how such maneuvers can cause such unneeded flack, eh?

You probably don't believe that the GOP or RNC or McCain camp would do such a thing and that, in and of itself, is degradation to country.

Another example**, if one needs it to understand what I tried to convey the first time---

Before, however, I would like to give the commenter, Tina, something to chew on-

Tina, with all due respect… I'm smack dab in the middle of farm country! I'm surrounded by farmers and cowboys, etc! I was raised on a farm! (My brain, however, was lucky enough to have never been fertilized by your version of how you imagine all country people, farmers, etc think. You know what assuming can do for a point in your argument? Sure you do.) Furthermore, I know plenty of farmers and "country folk" who think Bush is the worst president this country has seen and they could give a rat’s ass about displaying a symbol or chanting USA just to indicate their love of country! They'd rather be able to feed, house, educate, and clothe their children than worry if some Josie friggin’ blow thinks they've enough love for their country! It’s preposterous to assume that they are empty and vacuous and only care for patriotic symbols! They'd rather consider the facts and the state of the nation than wave some goddamned flag around imagining that it was or is a sure fired way of showing love of country! They’d say respect The U.S. Constitution over any idiotic, manufactured in China symbol! What, Tina, don't believe there are any “country folk” out there that think like that? Who you going to believe a country boy from Arkansas or your assuming ears and eyes?

Now on to the example-

**When seeing a doctor for something and you're in the waiting room and see the degree plaque(s) hanging on the wall letting everyone know that the doctor is licensed, etc...they can be a form of comfort for patients, right? I mean surely there is no other reason for them hanging around, other than code, if not for that, right?

Well, just because he or she has plaques on the wall from a prestigious medical school doesn't make him or her the best doctor for you or your family, right? I mean they could still be a quack. They could still botch the operation. They could be a pervert or a sloppy surgeon, etc. Right? So the degree hanging on the wall indicating that the doctor has the credentials to see you for your ailments doesn't really guarantee you anything, right?

Just because someone waves a flag or chants USA like they love their country does not necessarily make it so and it certainly doesn't mean that they have good intentions for their country and it doesn't mean that those that do not display a flag are any less inclined to love their country. It does, given the inclination to think that it does prove something, makes fools out of a good many voters.**


CHAD: But when you do get a flag and dump it on the floor/in the trash when it doesn’t suit your immediate purpose anymore is an indicator of your feelings.

TPM: Chad,
What a load...

We live in the most consumptive nation on the planet... We also live in one of the most ignorant. I love the world I was born on. And yes, I love the country I was lucky enough to have been born in, but when the flag most of them were waving, the smaller, made for consumption, manufactured in China type, "seemed" to have been dumped by the wayside in plain view (gasp!) instead of waiting until they got home to toss them or stack them in the closet to collect dust or what have you, I call your assumption the height of hypocrisy. The flags, by the way, were mostly found to be a number of unused and still in bags and untouched by the DNC crowd. You've been lied to about the overwhelming misuse of the flag at the DNC. I cannot recall which station I saw the story on (certainly not FOX), it was also in a number of papers, but they debunked the entire mess and put it toward a campaign tactic to shore up the flag loving, USA chanting sycophants that hadn't decided who they were going to vote for yet! It's laughable, at best, to assume that "Democrats" (I'm an Independent, by the way), who have served their country in record numbers, are abusing the flag any more than anyone else. Hell! I'd rather abuse the flag; burn it, soil it, etc, than abuse the flag in the fashion that the Republicans have been doing for almost eight years! They aren't just abusing a symbol; they're abusing the very thread of this nation’s laws and her respect throughout the globe. Torture, illegal wire tapping, the 9-11 mantra, Justice department lies, worst foreign policy blunder(s) in history, the disrespect of our soldiers coming home to Walter Reid and others and returning to cut benefits, etc, and let's not forget the infamous "Mission Accomplished" banner had a big old “flag” hanging from that god-awful deceit!

I guess the US Constitution, the troops, and the rule of law just don't quite suit their immediate purpose, eh, Chad?


That is how it stands at this juncture. Not sure if I'll venture that way again.

(I am not leaving a link to "Pirates, Man Your Women"...) No point, really.


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